Welcome. Museum of Migrations is the website, open archive and presentation, of current film and video art projects of Ettore Siracusa. You will find information with texts, list of publications, video excerpts and still frames of films and video work, writings of unrealized projects, as well as materials of projects currently in production.

Ettore Siracusa



Ettore Siracusa, lives and works in Melbourne.

His short films and video work reflect his essayist interest in documenting migrant narratives inspired and informed by a tradition of visionary or extra-realist cinema keen to bear witness to the more perplexing and strange in the everyday.

His later work, in video and installation, art, extend forms of documentary fictions to exploring ideas on ‘migrant remembering’ where migration comes to have a poetic resonance in relation to transformative notions of place making, memory and inter-medial film language.

Ettore Siracusa was associated, in the 1950-60’s, with the production of films by Giorgio Mangiamele, and one of the first crop of graduates of the Swinburne Film and Television School. He has taught film and art in secondary schools, a tutor for a year in cinema studies at Monash University, and in the nineties, an associate research fellow at the Australian Centre of the University of Melbourne.