BASEMENT   (Excerpt)

Video, HD, one channel, looped, 3 minutes

The film, II Contratto, directed in early 1950s by Giorgio Mangiamele with the participation of other migrants, was left unfinished with a ‘silent’ soundtrack except for some 19 minutes of ‘stray’ piece of audio which NFSA (National Film Archive Australia) deleted because they regarded it redundant having been left on the film sound track unintentionally by the film director in his attempts to post synchronise (dub) the dialogue spoken and unrecorded during the film’s production.

The audio visual, piece, BASEMENT, engages with notions of the unheard, whereby the alien, ruined, redundant, voices and noises, are ‘re-turned’ and re-sounded to the place where they were recorded and reimaged, metaphorically with supplementary sound-images.

A video realised by Ettore Siracusa
with sound by Joaquín Gutiérrez Hadid