HALINA / CLAUDIA is one of a series of video works by Ettore Siracusa drawn from the film, IL CONTRATTO, directed by Giorgio Mangiamele, with other migrants, in Melbourne in the early 1950’s.

Halina Kisilevsky, who played a leading acting role of Claudia in IL CONTRATTO – a film drama, made in Melbourne in the early 1950’s – views the film for the first time on a television screen.

A video art work in which displacement of visuals, sounds and text by Hazel Smith, find their ambiguous and allegorical correspondences in the montage of silent scenes and sound traces from the original film source, IL CONTRATTO, and the video documentary of Halina watching an other, younger self, she had but forgotten.

The work explores forms of cross-media storytelling and recalls Australia’s post-war migration and film history.