HEM OF MEMORY | HD Video | 16:9 | 13.30

HEM OF MEMORY is one of a series of video works by Ettore Siracusa drawn from the feature film drama, IL CONTRATTO, directed by Giorgio Mangiamele, with other migrants, in Melbourne in the early 1950’s.

HEM OF MEMORY, brings together fragmented scenes from IL CONTRATTO, with excerpts from a 2008 video documentary of Halina Kisilevsky – who played the female lead role of Claudia – viewing the film for the first time on a television screen, and a narrating voice written by poet, Hazel Smith.

The audio visual threads and spoken text, unfold ambiguous and allegorical correspondences between parallel narratives, displaced, side by side, in a tailor shop, to enact, for the viewer, an in-between, temporal space and reflective surfaces (like a screen) of vanished remembrances.