JADI JADIAN | 1998 | SD Video Projection | 50’00”

A video documentary produced during a trip to Malaysia with Paul Carter, Chandrabhanu and his Dance Company, of a ‘séance’ dance performance at Suffolk House, Penang.

Jadi Jadian was a collaborative project by Paul Carter and Chandrabhanu, a master dancer of the Bharatam-Natyam tradition of Indian dance, with his dance Company.

Paul Carter, in his essay (Material Thinking, 2004), describes the central focus and heart of the project as a secret ceremony: “to dream Martinha back to her former home. The ceremony would be the record of that dream”.

Performed at the Pannagung Eksperiment, (1998) Commonwealth Games Performing Arts Program, Kuala Lumpur and the Beckett Theatre at the CUB Malthouse, Melbourne.

Scenario Paul Carter
Dance chorography Chandrabhanu
Music Gendang Terinai Orchestra of Perlis
Sound track and Video Notebook Paul Carter
Video Recording Ettore Siracusa

1. Paul Carter, An Ephemeral Architecture, in Material Thinking: The Theory and Practice of Creative Research, (2004) p. 96.