NATURA MORTA (STILL LIFE) (Excerpt) | 1980 | Film, 16mm | 13’00” | Colour | English and Italian (subtitled)

An elderly Italian migrant walks to an exhibition of photographs of his hometown in Italy. Amidst the narrow streets the old churches and the faces of the photographs he no longer recognizes, he looks for his home. The film draws on the aesthetics of photography and stillness to evoke a drama of distance and cultural isolation.

Reviews Excerpts

“[Natura Morta] is a sublime film, filled with what one may term grace.”
Bill Mousolis Art Link, Vol 11, No. 1, Autumn 1991

“one of the most evocative yet concise statement – and powerfully inventive metaphors – of the migrant experience.”
Quentin Turnour (1992)