1. Installation

Four used film cans, placed on a white surface, bench, shelf or plinth.

On the lid of each one of the four a small thin yellow card folded in the shape of triangle with the following labels.

Margherita – Napolitana – Cappricciosa – Quattro Gusti

2. Proposal for interactive development of the installation piece

Film Cans plays cinema homage and memorial, marking the beginning and end of two different yet related events: a dedication to Salvatore Mercogliano who opened the first pizzeria in Lygon Street Carlton (Melbourne) in 1961; and the second, the closing of the last film processing laboratory, DeLux Australia, in June 2013.

In the interactive version of the piece the following action/play was proposed: the lid of one or all of the four cans is brushed, by and hand and fingers and which human touch activates a musical riff from ‘Modern Times’ Chaplin’s song and dance:

Se bella pew satore, je notre so katore,
Je notre si cavue, je la ku laqui la kwa!
Le spinask a le busho, cigaretto toto bello
Ce rakish spagoletto, si la tu la tu la twa! …